Monday, October 15, 2012

basketballshoes his hands reflex to lift up and shouted

ronunciation of the Chinese people too are not allowed it! Kill you! That security frowned, not enough time to get angry, the back of the head knock on giving one stick, and immediately fainted thrown around to the two Shanghai to help the brothers.
Security to stay in the door post also did not react on the forehead will be a gun,oakley inmates, staring eyes, his hands reflex to lift up and shouted: Armed a rifle butt to stun him, pressed open the door of the electric valve.
Drag outside the security door Kong, two wearing each other's security clothing Shanghai to help the brothers and the two together stuffed under the seat, it seems that everything did not happen.
The container truck drove into the pier to prevent lax, and rushed directly under the headquarters building of the pier.
Vehicle stop, container truck box seems to lock tightly the door burst open, sprang a group of
?To the people, all with a skull mask, carrying steel pipes, beat up, the two workers did not have time to run away, he was seventy-eight stick hit his head bloody hands broken legs fold down on the ground.
On into the stone I heard Di, leaving half of the brothers in the following alert, the others rushed into the still lights in the building.
Soon thundered their claims of Hades! Behind the stone came into the scold, the distribution of manpower and steel pipe to knock the sound of bones, behind the guy's screams stopped immediately.
Corridor drill the two hear the sound came out to watch the idiot, nfl no mercy,basketballshoes, Yigun a play they face bloo

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