Wednesday, December 5, 2012

North Face Down Jackets they began intensive shooting. Infantry have a good frame ladder

hidden in the woods they shed a lot of inflammable carrying more combustion of kerosene and other items, like ghosts disappeared in the dark of the night.
Li Hong was awakened by the a passionate horns trumpet he get up, bleary-eyed and big business direction and looked toward the Hu family coalition forces. Flags fluttering in the big camp, people shouting. Enemies like today are all mobilized to conduct a comprehensive attacked Li Hong subconsciously looking an outside dense woods. stormy attacks of the enemy yesterday he afraid to fight.
The guard tower on the soldiers suddenly sounded the alarm gong Li Hong is very disgusted with this sound, he felt that this voice is fragile and weak, far barbarian nice horn trumpet. Deep, rich sound of the horn sign people feel the forceful momentum of the prairie, the vast desolate feel the desert course, his favorite drums,North Face Down Jackets. drumbeat more than the sound of trumpets sounding, and more invincible momentum of a Wei Rin world.
Meishan, the enemy appeared with exactly the same as yesterday, they began intensive shooting. Infantry have a good frame ladder, shock troops began climbing the city. Han learned a lesson yesterday, the troops do not have points stationed, but spread over a long on the long wall. hundred people from the main walls of a
?End start, has been extended to the plum upstairs this defensive approach is not particularly conducive to the focus of attack of the enemy, but in the case of no other way to escape the enemy arrows, this is the only way to avoid

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