Monday, July 9, 2012

customize oakleys we are stuck here. The beast in front to stop the beast of man

Turned to the other side of the channel running past.
Action caused great apes Yuri attention, the great apes oakleys and Xiao Qiang side a buttressed, due to the huge body of his body hair is thick, Yuri look in the past when only saw the figure of the dawn, oakleys figure just Yuri look less than one side to see the great apes kidnapped is the theft of his personal items in the boxing venue to experience his true colors, Yuri wroth far better than the beast of around a dozen The people shouted: ! Master! The bastard,oakley eyeglasses frames! Hell! In the face of the five-beast super body and super lethal, immediately by thirty-five thin figure was torn to pieces, curled beast beast Wei deterrent can not help but stop offensive apparently , blood and death so that these in vivo gene of beast the beast of the source of the gene instinct of awe wake.
Remaining nine beast of Yuri Hema awakened from a fear of the depths of the beast beast, their clothes do the broken half the size increases, the whole body muscle tangle skin discoloration, surface or dense growth of hair or covered with scales, distorted facial features a picture of Beast face, mouth and grow fangs hands and feet to give birth to the claws. nine only in the legendary half-human, half beast creatures appeared in front of five beast.
Bunch of hybrids can actually turned, and turned no longer afraid of us we care,customize oakleys, and war and go to the police rang, over time, we are stuck here. The beast in front to stop the beast of man, determined to bring up the rear cover of the turnaround of the four beasts.
Nine beast of the complete beast of the combat effectiveness to improve more than three times, a huge body of pig iron robbed live only three beasts of the people, while the remaining six all and quickly crossed the pig iron toward behind him. Beast not just killing the beast of the people is as easy as the beast of the beast form, physically strong, fast, the minions sharp, both beast and human way of fighting, which makes the wild beasts to eat a small loss a few rounds down. the body of the beast and the beast of the wound also bleeding wound of the beast in the blood, beasts wound is the wound of the beast of the people in a fast automatic healing.
After less than a second to catch their breath, the beast and the beast stirred in with the even beasts have a very large body deliberately blocking the channel, the intention of blocking the path of the beast of man less than half a minute, there are still The two shadows from a battle to break a chase along the channel disappeared in the direction to the great apes.
Gigantopithecus buttressed oakleys and Xiao Qiang is not known for its speed, and he do not even know the path inside the base, turn the two detours after stop, oakleys and Xiao Qiang on the hidden

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