Thursday, July 26, 2012

oakley juliet sunglasses but also grabbed his jersey and he wanted to so faint

Fly soul powder, black lips and teeth chattered,oakley juliet sunglasses, giggling and ringing off the hook. The bear seemed to be more surprised, jersey sneeze scared to back several steps. To be found a false alarm field, it is angry, angry roar, crack mouth open, approximation to the jersey over.
Looked at the brown bears that blood-red mouth, floodlight, flashing a mouthful of sharp teeth that could not dripping mouth of Xianshui, jersey feel his heart is what caught, his feet became as if not subject to his control could not fight shaking, he already can not make other movements.
With the bird brown bear step by step approximation of the jersey think he can do nothing, their bodies, as if suddenly no longer subject to his control, he wanted to shout for help, but he had forgotten how to sound, he want to close your eyes, damn eyelids always moving.
feel boundless fear like a claws, not only to seize his heart, but also grabbed his jersey and he wanted to so faint, but he was extremely sober, he can clearly see that the brown bear nose, he could clearly smell the brown bear Grievance unique to his skin and even can clearly feel the heat of that brown bears from the mouth to drink! jersey and could not stand such a fear of torture, my heart praying.
jersey of the prayer seems to have some role, he finally can close your eyes, but closed his eyes, but the fear of jersey but did not reduce the half, although the eyes can not see, however, now appears in the mind of jersey all bear.
Suddenly, jersey hear the ground came a shock, as if a monster is near over, and the weight of the bird monster jersey from that degree of vibration to determine over, there should be nearly 1,000 pounds.
The golden sword against his neck.
The jersey did not answer, just very surprised cry of body armor he was in front of shocked by the living.
A shining golden helmet upside down two metal claw in front of the person's face almost all the coverage of live, leaving only the eyes, nose and mouth exposed, a set of equally shining golden enclosed armored perfect Put this magnificent body to completely blocking the view.
The shoulders of this armor,fake oakleys, tall towering up, and then seventy-eight carefully crafted, bent into the appropriate

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