Friday, July 20, 2012

oakley 3d indifferent to sit in the corner

Right Fengyuan to play again, he saw a military uniform, sometimes a few polite and empty bureaucratic and around the wealthy. But Sen attache with personable to those dainty ladies courting. has always made no mention of the matter of trade-related, of course, our Gong Ambassador, occasionally on a few innocent and lovely ladies chatted with the water city of Suzhou. when the ladies are immersed in the beautiful fantasy of the East Watertown sake of talk with the ambassador Suzhou laden with silk and porcelain. their father and brothers in the side eager Unfortunately, this time the Ambassador often turned to smile invited another sweet smile lady dance.
When Gong Zixuan such as people shuttle flowers, really not suitable to attend the dance. At first, this slim and elegant oriental gown,oakley 3d, indeed than the starched uniform to better attract ladies' eyes, but they soon discovered, a man wearing a robe simply can not dance. and Chinese people always wear this robe of the board with a face, with their little black eyes coldly watching that dance Venetian think that these people are Chinese monks in the eyes of women , compared to wear strange robes of the monks to come, of course, several military attache of the uniformed Gong Ambassador killer. They all handsome, robust, and the conversation is extraordinary, especially that called officers, dance great, fluent Latin, the only drawback is probably his body is too short, but this has not affected many young girls on his interest. In fact,nfl steelers jerseys, Sen short stature in this the eyes of the group Venice girls, but rather become a oriental features.
Girls participating in the dance, however, does not know their normal communication between the young officer with the East in the East, heavenly envoys, every time I attend the banquet of Hong Yi are the same bunch of bare-chested red barbarian woman, laughing, cuddly, it is a disgrace the face of the heavenly mission missions civilian Although this is quite and more critical, but still can not stop Gong is so dissolute behavior. In addition to writing the memorial impeachment Gong Zixuan and others privately. up to only like to attend the dance in Florence, indifferent to sit in the corner, waiting for this unsightly party soon be over.
Of course, in the civil service and strive to achieve the liu Yun something in the wind. Huang husband if the same red barbarian woman with what intimate relations, and then announce his person to Her Majesty's words that the whole mission must fascinates me, so those literati a stare Yang Shaoqing stare beauty tight.
The Yangshao Qing himself on this matter to see more open to him this can not dance, and secondly, more interested in the academic than beauty. Touches attended the ball Borrell Professor Yang Shaoqing the record straight up.

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