Monday, August 6, 2012

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Things the power to exclude the right to intervene. Bill announced peacetime, non-joint request by both houses of Congress and used to fight against the forces of nature, military forces may not be used for domestic and confront this national peacetime, the military forces of occupation and requisition of civilian facilities; war period, prescribed by law shall not be occupied, requisition civilian facilities.
Article of the Bill of Rights the right to personal safety and property protection. Bill announced the individual to protect his personal and private property free from unreasonable searches and seizure of the right shall not be violated; unless there are reasonable grounds to believe guilty of assurance to the oath or solemn declaration, and a detailed list should be the location of the search, the persons or things to be detained, and shall not be issued to search and seizure permit the government must be compensated for any infringement of the individual person and property, the principle of compensation for individual rights take precedence over national sovereignty.
Article IV of the Bill of Rights criminal the right to non-prosecution by the grand jury, any person who is not a capital offense or other felony punishment, except in time of war or national emergency that occurred during military forces in or are serving in the militia in cases not this limit. no person shall twice for the same criminal suspects in the life or physical safety, freedom is threatened situation; without due process of law, shall not deprive any person of life, liberty and property; non-appropriate compensation may not be private property for public use.
Article V of the Bill of Rights the right of the criminal proceedings. Criminal proceedings,fake oakleys, the accused shall enjoy the following rights: the impartial jury to be a speedy and public trial by the criminal acts; informed of the nature and causes of the controlled events; the right to remain silent. nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself; be confronted with the witnesses against him; to compulsory process for obtaining evidence of the favor of the defendant, and obtain a lawyer to defend non-ruled by the grand jury shall be deprived of the right of criminal defendants on bail . Excessive bail shall not be obtained shall not impose excessive fines, or impose cruel, very penalties for criminal proceedings, the defendant's legal rights have been violated by the fact that once the court found required to determine the failure of the trial jury implemented in the criminal case must agree on a positive or consistent negative controlled the offense adjudication, it shall be to determine trial failure.
Article 6 of the Bill of Rights litigation the right to equality. The equal status of parties law in any proceedings, except otherwise provided by law, litigation, dispute the price of more than one hundred yuan, should be protected by the right to a jury trial; merits The fact that after approval by the jury,cheap oakley sunglasses, except in accordance with the rules of customary law, any court of the Republic of Greater China shall not be re-trial. Capacity of the members of the jury, twelve.
Article 7 of the Bill of Rights is the right to limit the bill to the enumeration of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage other rights of individuals to maintain the bill does not grant the the nfl government nor prohibited the exercise of the powers of the various regions, respectively, by region or by individual retained.
Article 8 of the Bill of Rights is the right to work in the Greater China territory of the Republic or any place under the jurisdiction of the Republic of the Greater China are not allowed to have slavery or involuntary servitude exist, except for have been seen by a convicted offender as punishment unless
Bill of Rights Article IX is a public right. Are citizens of the province of the nfl and he lives the nfl born or naturalized in the nfl and the nfl jurisdiction of and shall not make or implement any deprivation of the nfl citizens public the right to

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