Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Be repaired within the shortest possible time, the fire goes out of the sea, the accumulation of resources in the Port Sudan immediately to alleviate the crisis in Sudan.
Facing the crisis of survival, the two sides rapidly cooperation, like the other day just when the armistice as a large number of Chinese migrant workers in the railway, rapid repair of the railway.
Such bad weather, whether black or Arab people are not willing to go out, even knowing that does not work will be hungry, they are not happy, only the Chinese migrant workers suffer not eaten? They doing the job without complaint, Egypt soldiers hiding in the house looked helpless, knowing these people is A while back, sabotage, but know that normalized know, both sides have announced the truce, they can how? Besides, these Chinese people repaired the railway, they had to go hungry, his belly intend the other, or forget it.
The railways will take time, A Taya President in order to alleviate the situation the way to pull a point of popularity, a lot of printing E Taya President, there are signs of the new government food bags full of food trucks appear in Khartoum and other cities came out, just as suddenly from the ground like, or similar and the fact that food is distributed free of charge, has been warmly welcomed by the locals, whenever the sandstorm is not so strong when the full distribution points hungry people.
After the efforts of Chinese workers, the truce after day and night, to Port Sudan railway to be repaired,nfl jerseys cheap, a lot of food piled up in ports quickly train sent to parts of the Sudan, another day, the tracks leading to the Wadi Halfa repair, Egyptian troops began to retreat.
The two governments to begin negotiations quarrel there, but the war, after all,nfl cheap jerseys, has ended just over two weeks from the war to both sides announced the truce, therefore, a sleepwalk war is called a half months of war.
Braved the wind came to the Japanese delegation to check that six pit, mining and DNA testing can confirm that yes, the bodies found were Japanese immigrants basically confirmed.
A Taya President of the Japanese side expressed its regret, earnestly request the Government of Japan and the Japanese continue to come to Sudan to invest, but are only doing the gesture, the Japanese economy is still shrinking, to a hostile country to invest is very unwise.
The end of the war, and the blood unicorn actual force, and not suffered much loss, and Egypt in the loss of more economic casualties in the acceptable range, through the war, the name of the blood Kirin bird from red fetish mark on the African continent and spread rapidly, more and more parts of the figure, and blood after a firm foothold Kirin more to grow.
nfl's Uncle Chen Jianxing excited tone through the encrypted channel links on the nfl are reluctant to leave the nest in her country, no doubt said: go, making the carrier is not a trivial matter, like you, I could not find a helper, those technologies contribute, you may be responsible for me these things into the actual product is not? quickly the end of the work in hand, up to three days.

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