Wednesday, August 22, 2012

oakley jobs the magic starts to go through with the help of magic.

Piece known as the place of the blessed land of the goddess of life really is like spring all year round, but do all this, it is oakley strange guy. Friendship between Bryant Leo and oakley, His Majesty the Emperor clear , Bryant Leo can not solve this thing, he naturally going to ask oakley's assistance.
The will of His Majesty the Emperor, Vader Trask brought hope to flee to all members of the Suofei En Embassy.
In order to maintain such a large a magic array, you need a huge number of magic support.
Into Da Weier, because the scope is much much smaller, less experienced twenty-three magician would be enough to maintain.
Vader Intrinsic than the little hospital at least a hundred times.
Two or three hundred magicians, and even Ka Aoqi Kingdom is a known as the world's most powerful nation, hastily gather together not up.
Fortunately, the Ka Aoqi Kingdom magician pay more attention to the magic of product repair,oakley jobs, there are many profound skill of the magician, Slayers Bryant Leo is the best in these guys.
Oakley design a large used to store the magic of magic, this magic is like a huge reservoir of magic, the magic of the magician thirty two profound strength is stored in which, again through the Magic center, a steady stream to the outside dozens of small magic transfer magic to maintain the environment.
This genius of the design is really nothing to say whether it is all praise of His Majesty the Emperor or Bryant Leo.
However, they definitely did not think the Oakley at design time, secretly tampered with to savings to the magic of magic, there is a little obscure loophole.
This loophole, the great magic energy to send a steady stream to the Suo Feien Kingdom Embassy in Minsk suburbs of the city,north face bookbags on sale, Vader.
An extremely complex magic in the same placement on the ceiling of the princess bedroom. Stolen a huge magic energy is all stored in this magic inside.
This approach is undoubtedly very successful.
oakley found that the fleeing of these magic not only enough for all the embassy staff will be sent to a hundred miles (of course out of the danger the farther the better), but also to most of the energy left.
Seems that loopholes in the original it is open too much. These energies instead hard to deal with, go to waste, then it is a pity, which are extremely pure magical energy.
But the deposit is not only useless but also dangerous, although used for magic experiments very well, but this time, not so much time to let him secure the idle down to do the test.
Will be scattered into the air magic, in case it was found how to do?
oakley only suffer from severe pain, Munster taught that defensive magic chaos crystal wall will absorb all the magic.
Although this approach is simply too living death, the pain that ordinary people can not imagine.
But the harvest is also not small, oakley can clearly feel his body was originally empty, there is no magic, the magic starts to go through with the help of magic.
But now, the dark energy charge

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