Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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At least it seems in Teta Man continental civilization, the earth produced after such a long time and each other to stimulate competition among the human level of killing weapons to an extreme degree, but still towards the scale, efficiency and continue to climb. The ultimate goal of each of killings similar weapons like the artifact.
Mouth to speak, the hands have not been idle, fast soccer will be the scene to clean up completely. Although the majority of Norman's corpse riddled with problems that have been hit, but the good news is that captain , there are many complete corpses, soccer quickly peeled off the clothes of that great captain as well as the bottom of another officer, or other body in accordance with the earlier approach, all thrown into that Qiankun Dai only on the ground The blood is difficult to handle, had the luck of spiritual power will be dust on the ground, blowing a two-tier sweep to Qiankun Dai.
Qiankun Dai the pitiful Lee Promise, in other comprehension in the hands of the best of the precious extremely, but now like garbage bags, soccer to a lot of sand down into this moment on their magic with the induction of Lee Promise one's usual bang, a series of smash the three cups.
soccer from the left the Sid to get rid of hundreds of Norman soldiers, But ten minutes and then cleared the scene back around, but Sid but felt as if over a century long. see soccer back to the west especially like to see the backbone, rushed up asking questions.
soccer is not with him long-winded, took him to a secluded corner of the captain's clothes throw Sid, himself put on another set of clothes, and soon they dress properly and walked toward that dungeon. a Norman army as captain of look is still quite useful, Although they are put on the uniform of the Normans, but are careful not directly from the zone in front of the Norman go on the road did not encounter too many things. Approached the side door, soccer, and Sid still have a lot of Norman soldiers guarded near the back door, although the number of small, but the degree of rigor is not inferior in front of the main entrance.
can only bite the bullet and move on. who attended Norman soldiers suddenly see a large captain level characters to come over, I do not know anything, stood straight and watching soccer with Sid when Sid walk around them, salute to Sid, Sid was also equipped with the kind of salute.
soccer behind Sid, provided through the some of the soldiers around, in front of Norman soldiers have felt the situation wrong, very alert,buy air jordan, watching Sid,air max 24 7 neon, no salute, but the hand

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