Saturday, June 30, 2012

oakley womens sunglasses Although people are noisy

Perhaps by the sound of explosions shocked the entire building is quiet, until I rushed to the fourth floor, the dormitory where the guilty talents come to understand. The fourth floor of a prisoners cheered the whole floor dormitory soon boiling up a variety of screams, beat the sound of the dormitory iron gate, and even cheering the victory of the slogan suddenly spread off. The more anxious I could not help them, was just gunshots probably does not cause the attention of the guards outside, but the whole building have hit the headlines outside there is no reason to hear it.
I was going to continue to the fifth floor of the impact, but heard the noise became louder and louder, hesitated, and finally had to Fan Shen down the stairs, the implementation of the second program. My first plan was only to save Greco, and then he put on the clothes of a set of guards, looking for the opportunity to mix out. So do some of the less time waiting for me to get rid of the fifth and sixth floors of the prison guards, I am afraid that outside of prison guards has been driven back. In desperation, I returned to the first floor, side to take off the clothes of his prison guards of the body side from the body who found the keys one by one to open the iron door of the dormitory.
I need not explain, do not need me to teach them how to do it, the prisoners shouted and rushed out, then Bianxiang outside the building and rushed out. There is part of the smart pick up the guns of the guards,oakley womens sunglasses, and followed me on the floor. Less than ten minutes, with the help of a number of prisoners, inmates of the following four floors will be put out. No command of committing the buzz of fleeing, the corridor was full of curses and cheers. Dozen prisoners seem to have more authority, shout to commit people rushed up the stairs to the head of the family are saved.
The really Yihubainuo followed there will be hundreds of people scrambled and rushed upstairs,oakley sport sunglasses, and it touches me to put them out of the benefactor in the cold to the side. I am also happy to idle, with the back of the crowd ran up. The results of eye drop I knew I put all these people put out, why should a person immediate concern on the fourth floor. Upstairs left eight prison guards, rather than the estimated six, but eight guards even shot hold on to surrender, and we get to the sixth floor, most of the dormitories has been opened, a few an old man holding the gun is to monitor the TV drama eight guards.
Do not know the Italians have become accustomed to surrender, when the Italian army during World War II since the war, both in Greece, the Mediterranean, in Africa, are repeated failures. Battle of the Mediterranean captured Pantelleria Island, only one Allied soldier was wounded, and mule bite. Even the Italian Army garrison in the island, Lampedusa, actually surrendered to the allies pilot forced to land due to fuel shortage island. Seen in this light, these guards Ji Xianshibumiao surrender immediately does not get some traditions.
See the sixth floor has been put about, and I hurried through the crowd looking for the Greco, if he unfortunately died while escape me this is white. Fortunately, the Greco reputation bevy up, I will soon be in the hallway to find him.
Greco, President, ZTE Jun, your sister commissioned me to take you out of here. I walked over and cried.
Although people are noisy, he heard my voice, and turned to look at look at me, then asked: the explosion of just how the matter?

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