Tuesday, June 19, 2012

north face sweater came immediately

This is how it is?
Night stars that looked at in close proximity NBA did not defenseless sleeping face, really do not know what to say to do. He wanted to get up, but it is full of happiness and poetic beautiful sleeping face like Medusa's magic Curse attracted like to stay there. soft beds, next to a beautiful young girl breathing, there is just war (from the various terms) after the fatigue of the evening star nor too much resistance followed by the tired Italy, and closed his eyes.
Body of warm sunshine through the smooth glass floor light in the nba, like the sunrise wake of the fairies, at that moment, the blonde girl slowly opened his eyes, looking at the ceiling in front, with a sigh at the same time yesterday night dreams of their own feel a bit angry, but still will dream of the guy, but also brought him into his room this weekday nba unthinkable things, never thought would happen in a dream.
nba sat up and patted the cheek, will eliminate the last vestiges of sleep from the brain,nike air max 09, then,north face sweater, she found seems very wrong somewhere.
Usual, the nba are sleeping in the center of the bed, you need to move the body to get to the bedside to the fields, but today got up and then step on the ground, which makes the nba some surprise, she shook her head and stood up, shift our attention to the bed. Then the whole body will be stiff given in there.
Enough to pierce the eardrum screams resounding, came immediately, the evening star loud screams of crying for help.
Sitting room, where it receives Se Leisi treatment night star, could not help but groan enjoin Road.
Sai Leisi completely without any expression on the night star said hold, while wearing his wounds.
Body bruises on the wounds of night star watching helplessly laments. Was awakened by the screams of the nba less than millionths of a second time, immediately there are a few kinds of blunt hello to his body, then they kick out the door. whether it is how ah? and lose face with mace and hammer, but kills is not it? just five minutes this morning, nba night star who caused is simply appalling injuries, shot, regardless of location, start to tip the balance, almost wiped out the night stars Half-Life.
The Se Leisi then the evening star is more depressed, and he hurried to deny that.
Se Leisi seem to understand the want to express the meaning of evening star, his face slightly paused.
This is the privacy of their own masters, so Sai Leisi say when the selection of words to express the meaning.

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