Friday, June 15, 2012

oakley polarized sunglass had faltered. Back to the office of his own department

Times, there are points swollen lips hard to say, had faltered. Back to the office of his own department, Ge Hui to show that the BP machine to me: Security Department test and ah - not to try to lobby. blue black? try to lobby. can not get here, take on the Huadu, immediately on the line, pay on the line! the 18th floor of DJ room, laughing aloud to the machine to appreciate, and then pick up the phone and dialed the pager phone, I said my number. paging, good-bye. So I dial a telephone, the result is still the same, I repeat, three, really disappointed through a call Ge Hui called up. you! go machine, although he can also be adjusted, although he tried several times OK, but I still feel very disappointed, because I take photos in the past to gold, if the machine showed her, then she must be very happy, then I will enjoy greater happiness, but today,oakley polarized sunglasses, can not be.
Today, I still ready to go to her where the photos to her, but also look at where the environment, because,oakley polarized sunglass, after all, a little worried, I just want to: her residence, at her side, may be a little benefits, perhaps at least some work from some people (in addition to rogue troll) - just want to account for something cheaper, or RBI what sour note will be convergence not too presumptuous? Night after work out a small North to buy a big buns come back, finish

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